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Local Projects2019-05-16T09:20:28-05:00
As a family owned and operated business since 2006, we can say we are proud of local Tulsa businesses and the things they have accomplished. Here are some successful local projects we are proud to have been part of.
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Gathering Place | Tulsa’s Riverfront Park
Gathering Place website >>

Tulsa’s Gathering Place, a project of George Keiser Family Foundation, is a park unlike any other and was named the best new attraction in the country by USA Today in 2019. In late 2017 as the park began to take shape, our team at Arlan RDS was contacted to help with the massive project of receiving, cataloging, storing and eventually installing all of the high-end furniture currently housed in the park’s lodge and boathouse. Our team was all-hands-on-deck to make sure our portion of this group effort project went without a hitch. We are proud to say that we were successful! Next time you visit the Gathering Place, be sure to remember that it was our awesome Arlan team that installed the furniture you now enjoy in those beautiful buildings.

Mother Road Market | Tulsa’s First Food Hall
Mother Road Market website >>

In late 2018, the historic 1939 grocery building on 11th Street and South Lewis Avenue in Tulsa found new life as Mother Road Market moved in. The Lobeck Taylor Family Foundation decided that the space was perfect to house Tulsa’s first food hall, where people can eat, shop, sip and enjoy various local offerings together. As the dream became a reality, the developers needed a local third-party logistics (3PL) company to step in and help. In walked Arlan RDS, the solution they were looking for! While the development of the site was being finalized, we helped keep the construction site clean and clear of finished goods until the project was wrapped up. Once complete, we delivered and installed the finishing touches, and Mother Road Market was born.

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